Elegant Bedroom With Personality

The brief for this east-facing bedroom, located in South East London, was to create a light, bright, delicate and elegant bedroom which highlighted the client's bespoke artwork and reflected the client's eclectic taste. 

Primary notes selected for this design were tranquillity, breathability and delicateness; an overall goal for this project was to create a space in which the client could earn a quality sleep whilst drifting in the clouds. The finished product provides a safe, comfortable environment with a touch of industrial accents to enhance the contemporary surroundings.

An application of a neutral colour scheme with blue hues was used to centralise the striking oriental artwork. The colour palette and forms from the artwork were bled into the textiles and accessories to bring cohesion to the wider space. A palette of stark white and sky blue created a minimalistic and calming ambience inspired by white clouds and blue sky.