Kitchen Design 4 : How to choose the best appliances for your ideal kitchen?

Kitchen appliances are investment items, so it is vital for you to make the right decision before you buy. They should complement your kitchen design by carefully selecting. The current kitchen design style ranges from classic country, sleek contemporary to retro or rustic styles. In terms of the form and function of kitchen appliances, they come in a variety of options, such as freestanding or built-in, gas or electric.

The factors of selecting the best kitchen appliances for your kitchen, either a new kitchen or a remodelled kitchen, include:

  • Function and lifestyle

  • Layout and budget

  • Style and finishes

The common kitchen appliances are sink, oven, hob, cooker, dishwasher. fridge freezer, microwave, etc.



  • Top-mount sink (Drop-in sink) is set into a hole cut into the worktop and is the easiest way to install.

  • Undermount sink creates a cleaner appearance without sticking-out surface around the edges like a top mount does, installed under the worktop surface.

  • Flush mount sink means that sink and worktop form one continuous unit.

  • Apron sink (Farmhouse sink) features an exposed front and a large deep basin.


  • Single basin

  • Double basin

  • Drainboard sink


  • Stainless steel is very durable, and fits with most kitchen design styles.

  • Cast iron is defined as iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content over 2%. It is durable, scratch and heat resistant, as well as non-porous.

  • Composite is made of granite stone dust and acrylic resins under high compression, so it is durable and long-lasting.

  • Copper can change colour very easily and appear rustic.

  • Porcelain creates a timeless look but can discolour over time and chips very easily.

  • Fireclay is made from clay and glaze at very high temperatures. It is durable, non-porous, scratch, chip and acid resistant.

  • Acrylic is made from polycarbonate plastics, which is long-lasting and repairable.



  • Smeg ovens feature curved edges, bright candy colour, and 1950s inspired design.

  • Contemporary ovens


  • Freestanding oven is installed between cabinets.

  • Wall-mounted oven is usually installed in a small kitchen that doesn't have enough floor space.

  • Slide-in oven is designed to sit between cabinets for a seamless look and has a built-in bottom drawer below the oven chamber for storing cookware.

  • Drop-in oven has no cookware storage drawer.


  • Electric oven

  • Gas oven

  • Steam oven



  • Ceramic hob has a heating element underneath a smooth, toughened glass top. The heat is powered by electricity. The ceramic hob is cheap to buy, easy to clean and sleek, but it is slow to heat and cool down.

  • Induction hob is a type of cooktop that uses electromagnetism to heat up and cook food. It requires special pans that have a magnetic metal base. The induction hob is energy efficient, easy to clean, modern and stylish, quick to heat up and it can change the cooking temperature but it is more expensive than ceramic hob and it creates noise.

  • Gas hob is quick and controllable, but difficult to clean and it raises safety worries because of an open flame.

  • Domino hob is smaller single or double cooking zone hobs that you can add together to create a unique cooker setup.

  • Venting hob takes a ceramic or induction hob and places a downdraft extractor in the centre of hob itself. It is sleek and compact but limited in ranges and expensive.



  • Freestanding dishwasher

  • Integrated dishwasher is built in to kitchen units. The front panel of dishwasher is hidden behind a kitchen cabinet door to create a seamless look.

  • Semi-integrated dishwasher is integrated into your kitchen cabinets, but has the control panel at the top on display.


  • Full-sized dishwasher is generally 60cm wide, washing at least 120 items at once.

  • Slimline dishwasher is often 45cm wide, washing at least 90 items at once.

  • Compact dishwasher is usually 55cm wide, washing at least 40 items at once.

Fridge Freezer


  • Smeg fridge freezer

  • American-style double-door fridge freezer


  • Freestanding fridge freezer

  • Integrated fridge freezer

With so many available style, feature, quality and technology options, selecting the best appliances for your kitchen isn't easy, but learning about them before buying is always good for you to make the right decision for a long term investment.

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