Kitchen Design 3 : How to choose the right kitchen backsplash to match your worktop?


When it comes to kitchen backsplash, it can serve as an aesthetic backdrop and a focal point in your kitchen. It can tie your look together and create a high-end finish in your kitchen. It can protect your walls from water, heat and food. From rustic stone to clean subway tiles, your backsplash says a lot about your style. There are different types of backsplash styles to choose from, such as subway tiles, mosaic tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, Moroccan cement tiles, glass tiles, mirrored tiles, printed tiles, bricks, toughened glass, stainless steel, peel and stick tiles and beadboard paneling.

Subway Tiles (Ceramic)

Subway tile is a glossy, rectangular ceramic tile that is mostly in white. It is very popular for its versatility, clean and modern appearance. The simplicity of the subway tiles design makes it a great way to tone down busy kitchens. It brings a neat, clean finish to your kitchen.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile gives a highly luxurious and creative appearance, which is made from ceramic, clay or porcelain. It comes in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns, allowing you to use several different colours and shades in your design. and coordinating with your worktops, as well as appliances.

Granite Tiles

Granite tile can create a rustic, texture look. It is more expensive than ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles. It requires high maintenance due to its porous surface.

Marble Tiles

Marble tile can create a timeless and elegant look, but it is porous, so it requires frequent sealing.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is denser than ceramic tile, so it is more durable against damage and more resistant to moisture.

Moroccan Cement Tiles

Moroccan cement tile brings an appeal of highlighted colour. Small, elaborate patterns with geometric shapes are the hallmark of Moroccan tiles. The arabesque designs and patterns delight the eyes. They feature bold and often colourful, which can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The neutral Moroccan tiles can lend a pretty pattern to the kitchen without overwhelming bright hues.

Glass Tiles

Glass tile is made from recycled glass. It has the natural translucency that creates a dazzling and shiny effect and it is also scratch resistant, so it can brighten your kitchen with light-reflecting surface. A glass backsplash can be a great option to a contemporary and streamlined kitchen but it is not very long-lasting.


Thin-brick veneers fit well in the contemporary or traditional design. It brings a rustic appearance. The colour of the brick backsplash typically depends on personal preference and the surrounding colours of your kitchen. Mixing the contemporary kitchen cabinets with a traditional style old red brick walls can create a dramatic visual interest. You can also go with white washed brick walls. The light coloured grout is often used to make individual brick tile stand out.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass backsplash creates a sleek, luxurious look to your kitchen, which is easy to clean and bacteria resistant. Its shiny surface reflects the light, brightening up your kitchen. Therefore, you kitchen can look bigger. However, it is expensive and difficult to install.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel backsplash creates a sleek, modern finish to your kitchen. It is heat and water-resistant, making your backsplash durable and long-lasting.

By comparing above backsplash materials, glass is beautiful, but not budget-friendly. Natural stones are visually striking, but requires a frequent sealing because they are porous. Ceramic is durable, easy to clean and low cost.

When opting for the right backsplash material for your ideal kitchen, you should consider styles, height, worktops, budget and focal point.


When selecting your backsplash for your kitchen, you can think about what kind of feel you want your kitchen to have, then you can pick a material and a style to bring your vision to life. Do you want a country style or a minimalist home? The kitchen as a part of the whole design can reflect it.

  • Herringbone pattern can create a modern, stylish backsplash for a contemporary kitchen.

  • Simple white subway tiles can create a neat, clean backsplash to fit with a minimalistic kitchen.

  • Textured natural stone slabs can create a rustic, traditional backsplash for a cottage style kitchen.

  • Beadboard paneling can create a warm, country backsplash for a farmhouse style kitchen.

  • Colourful Moroccan cement tiles can create a striking statement to fit with an eclectic style kitchen.


Grout is the backbone of your backsplash. What grout you choose to go with your backsplash can make a big impact on the final look. For a unified look, select a grout that is similar in colour to the tile. For a visual contrast, opt for a grout that will stand out, like green grout with white tiles or white grout with navy blue tiles.


The standard height for a kitchen backsplash is 4 inches high.


Your backsplash and worktops should complement each other. It is important for your backsplash to coordinate nicely with your lighting and worktops. You can either choose a matching approach or contrasting approach.

(1) The matching approach creates a peaceful, uniform look by using the neutral colours for both your worktops and backsplash.

(2) The contrasting approach can highlight your worktops or backsplash. You can select a worktop that has a unique hue or a lot of movement, then consider selecting a neutral tile for you backsplash to stand out your worktop. If your worktop is more flat and neutral in appearance, then you can get more creative with your backsplash.

Backsplash ideas for granite worktops

Known for both its durability and beauty, granite worktops are one of the most popular choices for kitchen worktops on the market. Due to its variations in colour and design, it is tricky to select a backsplash.

  • You could continue the same slab of granite you choose for your worktops up the wall to create a uniform look, which highlights the beautiful granite.

  • Glass tiles are an excellent complement to granite worktop because they are glossy like the granite.

  • A traditional white or neutral-coloured subway tiles can be a good option for the backsplash to match your granite.

Backsplash ideas for quartz worktops

If you select quartz worktops, you can choose a backsplash with variations of the same colour throughout your kitchen.

  • If you opt for a dark grey quartz, consider a lighter grey backsplash.

  • If you opt for a quartz with a lot of veining, consider a backsplash that compliment the veining in the worktops.

Backsplash ideas for laminate worktops

Laminate worktop is an inexpensive alternative to granite and quartz worktop. A simple white backsplash can always showcase your beautiful cabinets and worktops.


Tiles come in a variety of materials, sizes and patterns, so shopping around to find out what works with your design best. The budget is the best way to get what you want at a price you can afford. You need to consider the price of tiles, the grout charge and installation charge.

Focal Point

A backsplash can make a brilliant focal point. A colourful backsplash will create an instant, bright focal point, such as mosaic, Moroccan cement tiles.

Whether you go for a subway tile backsplash, a glass tile backsplash, a mosaic backsplash, a huge stone slab or a glass slab, you should always bear in mind that the backsplash ties everything together in your kitchen design. Consider its functionality, aesthetic and budget when you select a backsplash for your kitchen.

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