How to create a curated look for your unique home?

Interior design was and always has been about identifying patterns and themes with which to connect an inner space. In times gone past this was achieved through a structure style with home décor often following set styles creating a sense of uniformity. A curated look is almost just the opposite of uniformity and seeks out encourage personality and individuality throughout a space. Curating furniture or accessories in different styles bring a diverse range of elements which can compliment each other and express individual taste.

Here are some tips for a curated look:

1. Mix the old and the new

Unexpected combination of vintage and contemporary items creates a contrast that brings a lot of character to a space. The balance between old and new décor will often generate new designs.

2. Diversify styles

Everything in one style can look boring, however, combining different decorative styles creates interest and character. For example, mixing traditional décor with art deco décor can create a wow effect.

3. Fuse different textures

A diversity of textures creates layers in a space which leads to more interesting and considered vibes. For instance, Putting smooth textured cushions together with a rough throw layers a seating area which adds depth to a room.

4. Select unique items that you love

For a curated look, it is important to choose items that represent you, because your home should reflect who you are and what your lifestyle is.

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