6 How to choose perfect tiles for your dream interior design? (Natural Quartzite)

Quartzite is a natural stone, made of pure quartz sandstone. It mimics marble in appearance with subdued veining. You can use quartzite in several different applications, including countertops, walls and flooring. It is the excellent choice for kitchen countertops due to its durability and attractive finish.

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1 Marble Appearance

Quartzite has a marble look. Marble is a popular choice for countertops due to its timeless and grandeur look, but it can be easily etched, chipped and scratched, requiring high maintenance. Therefore, quartzite can be a good substitute for kitchen countertops.

2 Durability

Quartzite is extremely hard. It's even stronger than granite. This hardness makes quartzite highly resistant to scratches and chips.

3 Heat Resistance

Quartzite can stand up very well to heat, much more than engineered quartz.

4 UV Rays and Weather Resistance

Quartzite is an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens because it is highly resistant to UV rays in a variety of weather conditions.

5 Low Maintenance

Quartzite doesn't require any special cleaner. You can just use soap and warm water to clean the quartzite countertop.


1 Extremely Porous

Quartzite is very porous, so it soaks into liquid very quickly. You need to seal it frequently to prevent stain.

2 Limited Colour Options

Quartzite is available in variations of white and grey.

3 Costly

Quartzite is more expensive than quartz.

Finish Options:

  • High-gloss quartzite has a smooth and shiny surface.

  • Honed quartzite has a matte appearance but still smooth look.

  • Leathered quartzite has a matte appearance but pebbled texture. It adds a rustic look to your kitchen. However, the pebbled texture creates a lot of fissures and crevices, which is tricky to clean.


Quartzite is an ideal option for kitchen countertops due to its marble look, durability, heat resistance, UV rays and weather resistance, and low maintenance. As long as you seal it regularly, it lasts for many years.

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