6 How to choose perfect natural textiles for your dream interiors? (Leather)

Leather is commonly made from cattle hide, or skins from any animal. It is widely used in upholstery like sofa and chair covering. If it is worth investing in your new home, you can weigh its pros and cons.


1 Durability

Leather is a naturally durable and thick material, making leather furniture last a long period of time. It lasts much longer than a faux leather sofa.

2 Dramatic effect and practical use

If you search for a sofa that sits in a formal living room or rooms that you want to add drama, you will want to opt for a leather sofa. The leather sofa adds impact and interest to your space while providing the function you need. A traditional leather sofa like Chesterfield is timeless and trendy, updating a space.

3 Easy maintenance

Leather is very easy to maintain as dirt and fur will not get stuck into the leather but tends to be damaged by scratching. With leather sofas, you just need to apply a mild soap and water solution to wipe down the sofa and use leather cream to maintain their quality.

4 Strength and Longevity

Leather can hold colour for a long time and doesn't wear out over time.

5 Zero smell absorbency

It doesn't absorb smell the same way that a fabric sofa does. It is ideal for a home with pets.

6 Timeless style

Leather sofa has a timeless feel, working well in both classical and contemporary style rooms.

7 Comfort

Leather sofa provides sumptuous cosiness. It ages well, giving you more comfort over time.


1 Cost

Leather is very expensive.

2 Limited colours and patterns

Leather comes in a limited colour palette and patterns

3 Sitting feeling

Leather sofas are cold to touch in the winter and warm to touch in the summer.

4 Susceptible to scratch and show stretch mark

Leather is quite easy to scratch. It can stretch and show stretch marks over a long period of time.

In short, leather adds luxury and comfort to the sofa. The leather sofa fits in any interior style with its timeless look. High quality means it is expensive on the market, but the leather sofa can boost the value of your space and has a long lifespan.

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