3 How to choose perfect tiles for your dream interior design? (Natural Granite)

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock composed mostly of quartz, alkali feldspar and plagioclase. It is also a porous natural stone material. Granite tiles are often found on the floors of kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways at home, as well as the floors in hotel lobbies, restaurants and in other commercial buildings. They are the most in-demand materials for flooring, countertops and showers. They fit well in traditional and contemporary homes as well as rustic decor schemes. Why do many of us choose granite tiles?


1 Appealing Aesthetic

Granite has a stunning visual appeal and it comes in many shades. It brings a sense of grandeur and character into interiors. Darker granite tiles are very dense and don't require a sealer, while lighter granite tiles are more porous and may require multiple coats of sealer to be considered stain resistant .

2 Versatility

Granite tiles come in various colours and designs. There is a great selection of granite tiles to suit your style and taste.

3 Durability and Stain Resistance

Granite is a very durable material and can be installed in places that tend to get stained or scratched. This is because the granite is highly resistant to stains and scratches. They do not get affected when tea, coffee, fizzy drinks fall on them. Granite tiles are frequently used for commercial and residential kitchen countertops due to their hardness and highly stain or scratch resistance when it comes to preparing and cooking food.

4 Natural Stone

Granite is a natural stone. It can bring a natural element to your home.

5 Heat Insulator

Granite can retain heat quite well, so it is good to be installed in bathroom. This means when you take a shower in the mornings of winters, you will not feel cold, compared to ceramic tiles.

6 Long Lasting Material

Choosing granite tiles is a long-term investment because they can last a lifetime with minimal care that involves cleaning with a granite cleaner and sealing with a granite sealer.

7 Property Value Booster

Having granite tiles installed in your home will increase the overall value of your property due to the excellent quality and durability of granite.


1 Heaviness

Granite is one of the heaviest flooring material. Make sure your floor can support its weight before you decide to use it.

2 Cold Property

The granite is cold to touch due to its thickness and density. You will need to install an underfloor heating to reduce the coldness of granite tiles and make them more homey.

3 Slippery Surface

Polished granite can give a smooth look but it can also be very slippery.

4 Maintenance

Granite tiles need to be resealed regularly, especially softer granite tiles. They also require sweeping and mopping regularly.

5 Installation

It is difficult to install granite tiles. Make sure the floor is perfectly level before laying the tiles. An uneven floor can cause the tiles to crack. The weight of the stone makes the tiles hard to handle.

6 High Cost

Granite is one of the most expensive flooring stones on the market.

Colour Options:

Granite tiles are available in different colours, such as black, grey, brown, pink, blue and green.

Finish Options:

Granite tiles can be polished, honed, leathered, flamed and caressed.

  • Polished granite has a glossy and reflective surface. It is easy to clean and also seals the pores of the stone to keep water and moisture out of the stone. With a polished finish, the features of the stone are highlighted. The colour and texture will be more vibrant. Be aware that polished tiles have uneven air holes on the surface, which is easy to gather dust.

  • Honed granite has a matte surface. It is sometimes called a satin finish. Honed finish is very popular on floors to prevent people from walking on the slippery surface created by polished granite. It can also be used on countertops but it is more susceptible to staining due to the pores of the stone. It requires to reseal more frequently.

  • Leathered granite is also called brushed granite. Leathered granite tends to look more sophisticated and it is more stain resistant than honed granite. It gives an overall smooth surface with a little more texture. This surface finish can hide water spots, fingerprints and smudges.

  • Flamed granite has a rougher surface with a natural and faded appearance. It is often used in outdoor kitchens, rather than indoor kitchens. Countertops with flamed finishes are usually muted in colour.

  • Caressed granite is created by taking the leathered finish and adding shine to it. The sheen on the surface makes it look elegant and rugged. Additionally, this process seals the pores of the stone to keep it from moisture.


  • Sealing the surface once it is first installed.

  • Wiping the area with a dry mop.

  • Sweeping and mopping granite tiles daily with warm water.

  • Polishing granite to achieve the greatest shine.


Granite tiles can add grandeur and elegance to your home but you will want to weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision on the right tiles for your home.

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