3 How to choose perfect natural textiles for your dream interiors? (Sisal)

Sisal is a leaf fiber that is removed from the veins or ribs of a leaf. It is commonly used for carpets and rugs. Sisal carpets are versatile and hardwearing and ideal for high traffic areas, such as living rooms, halls and stairs.


1 Durability

Sisal is highly durable due to the heavy duty fibers. It can handle stress for a long time.

2 Longevity

Sisal has a long lifespan due to its strong and hardwearing nature.

3 Sustainability

Sisal is made from plants that are easy to grow, so it is environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and good for people with allergies and asthma.

4 Simplicity

Sisal has a natural look, which is simple yet elegant.

5 Pet-friendly Material

With sisal carpet, you won't worry about cleaning pet's hair because hairs cannot be stuck in the sisal carpet. You can clean them by vacuuming or with broom.

6 Variety

Sisal can absorb dye quite easily, so it can be customised to any colour you want.

7 Cost

The source of sisal is easy to found and the production process of sisal fiber is cheap, so sisal carpet is cheaper than other carpets.

8 Low Maintenance

Sisal carpet requires a low maintenance. Regular vacuuming is all that's needed.

9 Outdoor Application

Sisal has outstanding weathering properties that make it suitable for use in outdoor settings.


1 Coarse Texture

Natural sisal carpet can be coarse underfoot and uncomfortable to walk or sit on.

2 Prone to Staining

Since sisal is so absorbent, so it is prone to staining.


Sisal is durable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, diverse and affordable for flooring with little drawbacks. It works well in any room in which you would use fine wool carpets.

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