1 How to choose perfect natural textiles for your dream interiors? (Cotton)

When it comes to choosing fabric for your interiors, it is always a challenge to pick the fabric that will look best in your space and fit your style. There are many natural fabrics that you can select when decorating your home.

Natural fibres are found in nature and used in the same form from which they are found, including plant fibres and animal fibres. Seed fibres grow within a pod of boll (cotton). A bast fibre grows from the stem and root of the plant (flax). A leaf fibre is removed from the veins or ribs of a leaf (abaca, sisal). Wool fibres are the hair of animals. Silk fibres are produced by cocoons formed by silkworms.

Cotton is the most common type of fabric used throughout home furnishings. It is regularly used for bedding, window treatments, upholstery and accessories. Examples of cotton fabric include Chintz, Ticking and Percale.


1 Breathability

Cotton is a breathable fabric, which is a great choice for upholstery. It increases the comfort of your chairs or sofas. It is light and airy, which is the perfect material to sleep on during warm weather.

Cotton is regularly blended with other fabrics because of breathability. A common blend is 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton.

2 Absorbency

Cotton absorbs sweat very well, so you won't wake up and feel sweaty.

3 Durability

Cotton is very strong and durable. Cotton bedding holds up to the stresses of everyday life, making you sleep on it regularly without much wear and tear.

4 Versatility

Cotton can be blended with other fabrics, and its uses can be extended to any type of product that requires textiles.

5 Softness

Cotton is incredible soft and soft to touch.

6 Easy Maintenance

Cotton can be washed repeatedly and in several ways. You can use hot temperatures, dry clean it and even hand wash it.

7 Eco-friendly Material

Cotton manufacturers sustainably pick their cotton and are aware of the impact they have on the environment.


1 Not Very Stretchy

Cotton is known to be prone to tearing and pilling.

2 Susceptible to Shrink

Cotton tends to shrink when not properly cared for.

3 Prone to Wrinkle

Cotton is relatively wrinkly-prone material because it is very soft and hard to keep the shape. It is a great option for a homey and casual feel. If you are seeking a minimalistic and clean look, cotton is not for you.

4 Luxurious Cotton is Expensive

The best cotton is Egyptian cotton, which is very expensive.


  • Use gentle detergents. Washing cotton fabric with hard chemicals can damage the material, which over time can make it less soft and comfortable.

  • Get it out of the washing machine as soon as it has finished to prevent it from creasing.


Due to its breathability, durability, versatility, softness and easy maintenance, cotton is the most popular natural fabric used in home decor now. But it is prone to winkle and shrink. Therefore, you need to weigh its pros and cons and then decide if it is worth investing in.

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