Urban Industrial Elegance 

For this living room, the brief was to design an elegant, masculine space that reflected some of the owner's personal qualities. The flat is located in South East London with good views of the surrounding areas, the client requested that there be a seamless transition between the colour palettes of the views and the interior. 

Industrial elements were combined with natural aspects to create a contemporary living space. The dividing wall was decorated using a brick pattern paper and natural woods were utilised in finishing the worktops; this moving colour palette ensured that the room gained lightness through its verticality. Splashes of greenery in thin-leaved potted plants and soft furnishing accessories ensured life was breathed throughout the design. The overall aesthetic is that of harmony and balance; the asymmetry adds weight and tone to the floor of the room whilst the furnishings and lighter accents reflect the lifting views of the large, statement windows. 

living room3.png
Living room 5.png
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Living room 8.png